A Tribute to Anthony Starr...

On the morning of Feb 1, 2022 Anthony Starr passed away unexpectedly leaving behind his wife and six kids. 

Anthony had moved, with his family, to Sioux Falls as they endeavored to start a church. They had begun teaching bible studies and hosting services in their home. The impact in this city would be most noticeable in the converts that they had attending their services. 

Of course, this tragedy would extend beyond Sioux Falls to all of the individuals upon whom Anthony had impacted. 

He was a brother to 5 siblings, a mentor to young men and ministers, and a friend to many people that he come in contact with. A self-proclaimed introvert, Anthony would love to sit and have coffee with whomever it may be sharing stories and thoughts as the midnight hour turned into the faint glimpese of another sunrise. 

A common ground that Anthony found with many was his love for the Word of God. His passion for the Bible and Truth would envelope the conversation leaving you impacted and challenged in your own spiritual walk. 

To write something that could fully encompass the life and impact that Anthony left would be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and nearly impossible. But, let this be a place where memories can be shared and perhaps, if you so choose, a contribution can be made to help the family as they look to stabilize after this sudden, tragic event. 

Leave a Memory

We would love to hear the different memories or ways that Anthony impacted you. Let us know below. 
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If you feel, there is a portal setup where you can contribute to help with funeral expenses and whatever needs that may come as they work to transition. 
We have made updates to the contribution portal. If you have questions or problems please email jstarr@minotafc.com